About Online Practice Tests

Online practice licence tests can help you become familiar with and prepare for the theory test you will need to pass when applying for a learner licence. Practice tests can be purchased in the following combinations:

Tests Cost
5 $12.50
10 $15
20 $20
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Practice Tests - Summary

  • Each test consists of 35 questions
  • When you start your test, you will be able to change language
  • If you disconnect or close your browser, you can log in again and rejoin your running test
  • Questions are randomly generated from a pool of over 350 official test questions
  • Every time you take a test, a different set of questions are asked if available
  • Pass mark is approximately 93%
  • At the end of each test you will receive your test result and you will be directed when available to the relevant section of the road code for questions you answered incorrectly, so you can study that section of the road code more thoroughly
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